301 Redirect - a simple way to obtain high value backlinks

What is a 301 Redirect?

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one domain to another. I am offering a service which takes advantage of previously expired domains that benefit from inbound links from highly authoritative sites such as bbc.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk, observer.co.uk, etc.

When a website links to another it passes on link equity (you may have seen the term “link juice”) to that domain. Search engines view links as votes by other websites that your page is valuable and worth promoting, so if established sites are sending traffic to your website this is seen as a positive ranking factor. The more good inbound links you have, the more likely you are to rank well for your targeted keywords and phrases.

By implementing a 301 redirect from a website like the bbc.co.uk you will gain the positive link equity that domain affords – typically the Domain Authority of one of these sites is up at 95+ – They’re very good links to have pointing to your website.

The Process

Step One - Search for Expired Domains.

I recently purchased some software that allows me to scan a website for broken links.
I will use a "seed" URL to start the search and use set it to scan "x" links deep - for example a depth of 2 will scan that URL and all other pages that that page links to. The deeper the scan runs, the more pages it checks.
Once the scan is complete I'm presented with a list of expired domains and the pages that link to them.

Step Two - Filter the results.

When scanning a large news site it's not uncommon to retrieve 500+ expired domains. There are a number of requirements I look for to determine whether a domain is feasible to use for my clients:
1) The link should be "dofollow". There's no point investing in a high value back link if it's not going to pass on the equity.
2) I use Semrush/Moz to check that the high quality link is indexed and recognised.
3) The domain should have a good reputation with a low spam score.
In addition I prefer to use .uk domains. Partly because of the geo location but also because registration and renewal costs are cheaper than other extensions.

Step Three - Register the expired domain.

Once an opportunity has been identified it's time to register the available domain. The domain is registered using your name and you are provided with access details of the registrar. This gives you full control and means you are able to keep the redirect in place for as long as you wish.

Step Four - Implement The 301 Redirect.

This is a simple step - we just update the DNS so that when a user visits the newly registered domain, a permanent redirect sends them to your website instead.

Step Five - Wait for the search engines to pick up the change.

Typically it will take 4-6 weeks for the search engines to notice the redirect. Google Search Bot will recrawl the page where the link appeared and will pick up that the redirect now links to your website.
You will be able to see that this has happened by monitoring your website through Semrush's Backlink Analyser or Moz's Link Explorer tool.

The Proof

Finding the original link

I used an article from 1999 as a seed to scan the BBC website. The scan was fairly large and pulled up over 600 expired domains. This was filtered to only include .uk domains however there were still 262 domains available.

Next, I started to run the expired domains through semrush.com until I found one with good metrics and with the BBC link showing as an inbound link to the domain.

Checking the Source Page

The page where the link was found was a health article from 1999 titled “Health Britain’s ageing population“. A lot of earlier BBC pages contain an External Links section sending visitors to related third party websites. It’s these links we are looking to capture.

By viewing the source of the page I was able to ascertain that the link was “dofollow”.

Registering The Domain

On 17th September 2019 I registered a domain – www.age2000.org.uk. The domain was originally registered over 20 years ago however for whatever reason the original owner has allowed the domain to lapse.

301 Redirect

Implementing the 301 Redirect

I decided to use one of my own domains to test whether the 301 redirect would have a positive effect.
I have a project ongoing – it’s a dog grooming website that I am looking to rank on page 1 of Google before selling or renting to a local groomer which made perfect sense to use.
Using cPanel I put the redirect in place.

The Unexpected Result...!

I had no expectations of what may happen however I was pleasently surprised when I used Moz Link Explorer to check on how the domain was doing around 8 weeks later.

The inbound link had been picked up – it clearly showed that the linking domain – bbc.co.uk had a Page Authority of 51 and Domain Authority of 96. This valuable link was pointing to Dog Grooming Preston passing on it’s “link juice”.

Next I looked at the graph that tracks my own Domain Authority.In October the DA was 6 but just one month later after the link had been picked up, that rose to 17. A 283% increase! Obviously I was very happy and the test domain is slowly improving it’s search positioning.

One 301 Redirect from bbc.co.uk improved my DA by

An Update...

In the 6 months I’ve been offering this as a service, I’ve implemented over 250 redirects and see many repeat orders. Below are a number of graphs which show typical improvements my customers are seeing…

Why use a 301 Redirect?

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301 Redirect from the BBC

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