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WordPress Web Design

I’ve been building websites for over 15 years. A lot has changed since my first site – Longsands Travel – was put together for the family business. Low resolution and text only was all the rage as we dialed up to connect to the internet in 2002…!

These days, with super fast fiber connections the norm, so much more is possible. WordPress is the perfect Content Management System and current estimates are that around 25% – 30% of all websites online are powered by the CMS. Major companies such as BBC America, Metro & CNN all use the platform.

WordPress Web Design works well because of the extra functionality that is made available by third party add-ons and the tens of thousands of templates and themes that can be used and edited to create a unique website. Maps, contact forms, galleries and social media integration can all be used to help present your business to potential clients.

If your business is Health Care, I will work with you to find an appropriate template to represent your organisation. Themes are available for every industry.

In the background, I use optimisation tools that improve page speed, an important factor for ranking well in Google. Other add-ons for search engine optimisation are also implemented that I know work.

By using WordPress Web Design I will create a website that you will want to show off and will showcase your business services.

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